Wear a helmet. Ride at your own risk. Obey the rules of the road. Bring a pump, tube and tools. Be courteous towards your fellow riders and the public.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sacramento River Ride - New Route, due to Construction

Our access to the Freeport Bridge is blocked because of construction on Freport, but have no fear - there is a solution!

River Riders, I've been talking to a few people and have a suggested route to look at for the Tuesday RR. Here's a quick overview and a reason why I think it would work well.
Time: 6:00PM
Distance: 23.5 miles
Meet: West side of the Capital Bridge on the bike trail Parking: There are many spots between Old Sacramento and Broadway on Front Street
Bike Trail to Mill Street
Left on 5th Street (becomes South River Road)
Cross Bridge and make a left to continue on S. River Rd.
(Ride Begins)
Continue South and turn left after going under railroad tracks to continue on S. River Road.
Turn Right on Babel Slough
Turn Right on Jefferson
Turn Right on Burrows
Turn Left back onto S.River Rd. going North.
Continue to traditional finish where the ride started.
Finish line is at the pavement change before the bridge.


This route is a little shorter than the other one proposed, it also eliminates the railroad tracks on 151. Heading north on Jefferson should be a safer option since the wind will keep the group on the right side gutter where if we went south on Jefferson, the common west wind would have riders fanned across the road. This would encourage riders to cross the centerline into oncoming traffic and also make it more difficult for vehicles to pass. We would also be cutting out the time spent on the busiest section of Jefferson and their wouldn't be any stoplights.

Monday, December 1, 2014

River Ride World Champions

Men - Bryan Larsen
Women - Phoebe Hill Climber

Men - Bryan Larsen
Women - KC Huthins

Men - Chuck Hutcheson
Women - Emily Kachorek

Men - Chuck Hutcheson











Men - Ryan Smith

Men - Chuck Hutcheson

Men - John Brady







Men - Scott McKinley

Men - Dominique Anderson

2014 River Ride World Championship Race Report

What is epic? If it's rain, if it's wind, if it's cold, if it's fifty or more riders battling for the win - the Sacramento River Ride World Championship was all of these. 

Though the rain let up by the halfway mark, the pace never ceased. The race ride was animated by a never ending flurry of attacks from the Killer B's, Byron, Bob, and Bryan. Casey Fallon and Chuck covered many of their attacks, with Chuck eventually flatting out after Metro AirParkway. 

Eventually an attack from Bryan through the airport separated him, Bob, and Casey from the group after Byron made a wrong turn. Their lead looked insurmountable until they were stopped at the light on Del Paso, which at the scolding of Bryan the would wait for because "those are the rules!" The field would get within shouting distance by the time the light turned green. Both groups rolled through the same light cycle. 

Surprisingly the trio held there slim advantage down Garden Hwy. with two miles to go, what looked to the field to be cat and mouse tactics in the break was in reality utter exhaustion. With 500 meters to go an outsmarted Bob was caught off guard while on the front from the untamable long snap of the eventual winner Bryan. Bob held on for 2nd while Casey was absorbed by an angry field led by Chris Espy for third.

Phoebe Hill Climber was the one lone woman who showed.  Though her presence was to film the ride, she becomes the Women's  2014 River Ride World Champion!

Congratulations Bryan Larsen and Phoebe Hill Climber, your 2014 River Ride World Champions! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sacramento River Ride World Championship - 2014

Grab your popcorn! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014
Sacramento River Ride World Championship is ON!

The long course IS BACK! 

River Ride World Championship route, notes and FAQ

What: River Ride World Championship
When: Leaves at 10am
Where: 2419 K st Behind City Bicycle Works (in alley)
Why: For a shot at immortality
How: By crossing the finish line 1st in a SAFE manner


Q. I want to participate, what do I do?
A. Show up at the start a few minutes early to hear the route and get told not to cross the center line, run red lights or do stupid things that can injure yourself, other riders or break the law.

Q. What is the "center line?"
A. It is the long yellow line down the center of the road. In the United States we ride on the RIGHT SIDE of it. If you ride on the left side of it you endanger other riders, cars passing, cars coming forward and yourself. If you do cross it, simply "U" turn and ride the direction of the lane you are in and disappear into the sunset.

Q. What if I come up to a traffic signal and it is red and there is a group ahead of me, or I am in a group off of the front of the pack?
A. You come to a complete stop, put your foot down and wait for it to turn green before proceeding.

Q. How do I get the win?
A. By not crossing the center line, obeying traffic lights, riding in a safe manner and crossing the only sprint on San Juan 1st.

Q. What do I get if I win one of the other sprints on the route?
A. You get to look silly because on this ride there is only one sprint, the one on San Juan.

Q. What is the route?
Warm up:
Start in the Alley behind 2419 K street. Head west and make a right on 24th st. Left on C st. Right on bike trail between 19th and 20th street. Exit bike trail on Northgate Blvd - head North. Left on Garden Hwy. Pace picks up after the I80 over pass.

Fast part:
Continue Garden Hwy. Right Elverta. Right Metro Air Parkway. Right W Elkhorn Blvd. Left Power Line. Right Bayou. Right Airport Blvd. Right and loop around Crossfield. Left N Bayou. Left Garden Hwy. Left Power Line. Right Bayou. Bayou becomes El Centro Rd. Right Del Paso Rd. Left Power Line. Left Garden Hwy. Left on San Juan Rd.

On San Juan.

Good luck River Riders!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Congratulations to Chuck for winning his final River Ride! Punk.
If you didn't know already, today was Chucks final river ride. That doesn't mean we can get lazy and slow. We must continue with what he has taught us, to be savage unrelenting weaklings. No but seriously, Chuck has made us all better in some way or another and I for one really appreciated all the beatings. So lets continue to keep the River Rides interesting but most of all as safe as possible.
Farewell from all of us River Riders and best of luck at the races!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Evening River Rides Begin March 10th!!!! - Monday River Ride 5:30

Well, its that time of year again!  With the time change on Sunday March 9th, we will have enough time to do River Rides on Monday March 10th.  Sunset will be at 7:08 pm, so bring a blinky light for your ride home.

Monday North 5:30 Description

Tuesday South 5:30 Description

Thursday North 5:30 ride Description

Note: Routes may be shortened.